Artists Residency:
August 2011
Michelle Hannah
Artists Residency:
October 2011
Rose Ruane
Artists Residency:
August 2010

Alan Stanners & Jack Wrigley
Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art
April 2012
Solina HI-FI & James Thomas
Everything Flows - Graphoder
Curated by Patricia Fleming in collaboration with Volume, London
Curatorial Residency:
November 2011

Henry Coombes and Gregor Johnstone
Art destroyed the world and it won't stop there
Ten Days in Summer
Four Artists - Ten days each
August - September 2012
Clemens Wilhelm
A Good Story
October 2012
Colquhoun & Hollingsworth
Two Ruins
November - December 2012
Curatorial Residency
Gayle Meikle - Cuth
Virginia Hutchison, Ylva Trapp, Muscles of Joy, The Modern Language Experiment
Jan - Feb 2013
John Riepenhoff
Plein Air Paintings
May 2013
Rob Kennedy
Public address: Hello can you hear me now?
with Barry Burns, Sue Tompkins, Glynn Forrest, Bruce Morton & Sonia Cromarty
June 2013
David Hoyle
Souvenirs of Cope n hagen
June - July 2013
Ten Days in Summer
Federico Del Vecchio, Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir, Jamie Clements, Ruby Pester and Nadia Rossi
July - August 2013
David Sherry, Stewart Home, Michelle Hannah, Rose Ruane
October - November 2013
Two Ruins - The Hyperboreans
Colquhoun & Hollingsworth
February 2014
Kling Klang
Jim Colquhoun, Steve Hollingsworth, Ellis Luxemburg, Patrick Jameson
April 2014
Mark McGowan
The Artist Taxi Driver
May - June 2014
Build then Burn
Olivia Guertler, Owen Piper, Ellis Luxemburg, Patrick Jameson
At Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen for Artist Run 2014
May 2014